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dazzling bruges


Large groups such as associations, companies, families, groups of friends, etc … can come to us 7/7. Nothing better than a tailor-made team building to really get to know your colleagues, friends or family. Who is the master brain? Who is the creative? Who is quick to give up and who will bite his teeth in the cake? Team up or kick your boss! On this page you can see some possible formulas, but feel free to drop us an email if you want to book a specific game or escape room. Everything is possible!


the elemination game

Squid Game meets Hunger Games

90 min

Discover The Elimination Game. This is not a regular escapre room but an ultimate escape room for big groups and teambuilding. Endure 90 minutes of excitement and teamwork. You’ll be competing against each other in subgroups in this elimination race.

The current world consists of the extremely poor and the extremely wealthy, also known as “The Elite”. This show was created by the elite, to bridge the gap, between the poor, and the rich. Only a few lucky individuals are selected to participate in the show. During the show, teams compete against each other in various challenges. Each challenge, is based on a different type of intelligence. The winner of the show receives a special prize, and becomes part of the elite.

During the game, our supervisor named Momo ensures strict supervision.

May the best team win!

12 – 24 pers. / 25€ p.p.


From Tokio to Nairobi

120 min

This Escape Game is based on the original Netflix series. It all comes down to teamwork. Next to real life puzzling you’ll also be submerged in a Virtual World of intrige.

Casa De Papel is perfect for large groups. Enter the arena and outsmart the others to be the first to conquer the Mintbuilding.

Central in the game is the round table but don’t worry, you’ll be walking around plenty to find all different clue’s and solve hard puzzles. In order to combine Virtual Reality and puzzles it is necessary to work together. You’ll be playing realtime at the same time so keep a close eye on your competitors and don’t shout out the answers.

8 – 30 pers. / 25€ p.p.

masked ball

Solve the mystery of the masked ball and go home with the one and only Golden Magnum bottle

60 - 90 min

In the golden age (15th &16th century) the famous port city Bruges was nicknamed Little Venice of the North. During this period annual gatherings were held at the Prinsenhof. These meetings were only accessible for notorious and wealthy merchants and entrepreneurs of North- and Western Europe. The 25th edition is celebrated with a big masked ball. The centerpiece of this event is a golden Magnum bottle with a huge pricetag. 

Every merchant knew about this bottle but nobody has ever seen it in real life. Until today. Now’s your chance to win the golden Magnum. All you have to do is to prove that you’re the brightest, smartest, most handy merchant of them all. Up for it?

7 – 12 pers. / 25€ p.p.


Santa's message

120 min

The Great Christmas Challenge is a mix of competition and teambuilding. No dull questions but off-the-hook assignments to activate all your senses. Which team works together the best and knows unlocks Santa’s message first? This game contains a set of riddles and questions and makes you get to know your colleagues better. A host will guide you through the process of questionnaires and practical assignments. But there’s more: you can enjoy Santa’s candy and zip away the stress with a nice Christmas cocktail. The winning team gets a trophy so buckle up!


8 – 32 pers. / 25€ p.p.

from russia with love


Brugge ontdekken

150 min

Experience a crazy adventure alongside the most beautiful hotspots of Bruges!

Into something new? A mix of adventure, sensation and teambuilding? Get ready to play our Augmented Reality Citygame: From Russia with Love, and step into of world of intrige, espionage and secret codes!

From Russia With Love is a crossover between an escape room and a treasure hunt where you and you’re team, armed with tools and gadgets, will try to break the codes that special agent and double spy Scripal has left in the city. Discover what the Russian government is up to before it’s too late. But be careful: No one is to be trusted.

Compete against other teams and outsmart each other with sabotage and trickery. Only one team will be the master of espionage.

AR will help you to unlock doors and step into a whole new world. Search for virtual vaults and the secret Enigma Machine.

Everything is possible with Augmented Reality!

 8 – 40 pers. / price on demand


casa de dinero ar city game

AR City Game van El Professor

120 min

La Casa de Dinero is a super exciting AR city game and a spin-off form the La Casa de Papel series. Again El Professor takes the lead and is in search of a new team to take over the Royal Mint. You can be part of that team but beware because the police is stand-by. Errors are inexcusable. Together with your teammates you will work on a waterproof plan to get the money out of the vault. El Professor want to put together the perfect team and has hidden questions on various locations in town. Answer these questions and who knows, you might come out as the strongest team. Good luck and Bella Ciao!

8 – 30 pers. / 25€ p.p.